Traveler's Note

Note of a Traveler #1

ENJOY THE JOURNEY these words mean more than it meant a long time ago. I listened to Bo Sanchez and here i am now saying these words to myself. Thank You Bro. Bo!  :’) 

i’m not yet arrive but wherever i am i will embrace the moment. God is walking with me and whispering “Don’t worry this is temporary. Every step you take i’m gonna be with you. We are going to a beautiful place. Be patient, I am with you.” 

"Anything is Possible"

The link below is my previous tumblr account. Since this new and better tumblr account of mine is intended to be my own version of treasured chest i would like to post it here. You may check it out!

HAPPY 20th to my friend, Rose Quinto Laya. We love you! 

 -20 February 2013